Build your own unique gift

Build your own unique gift

While we've done our best to take the guesswork out of choosing a great gift for family and friends, we know that our curated packs might not always feel like exactly the right fit, which is why we also offer a chance to build your own. 

If it's on Handsel, you can be sure it's going to make a great gift and we want to give you the gift of choice by allowing you to build a gift pack that's just right for them - all in four simple steps:

    1. Choose your own hero from a range of our bestselling books
    2. Create the perfect handsel by adding your selection of our finest gifts
    3. Add the finishing touch by selecting out of our carefully selected products from some of Australia's best brands. 
    4. Finish with extras to put a cherry on top

We've compiled a few edits as a thought-starter, to help make finding the right gift simple. 


Wedding guest

It is challenging to find unique and meaningful gifts for newlyweds - especially when they are receiving countless gifts already. How do you stand out?

We have assembled a taste of luxury and class to celebrate a new marriage. This Handsel is about substance and style - making a gram worthy gift. 

Take the iconic Tom Ford and pair it with a Pommery Champagne and you've got yourself a perfect wedding present. 

Just add:

  • Tom Ford or Tom Ford 002 
  • Pommery Brut Royale 750ml

Or, save time and explore our range of curated wedding gifts here


Farewell in style 

Say goodbye to a deserving employee or to a friend who is starting their next adventure. 

That Sounds So Good by Carla Lalli Music: Gift them a bestselling cookbook so they can try new recipes and make delicious meals wherever they might be. Readers can be confident that whatever they choose to cook, the food will be Carla to the core – bold, unique flavours with straightforward methods and swap-friendly ingredients.

Gifting a Pommery Brut Royal is the perfect way to celebrate a send off. This paired with our Pillar Candle and Leif Hand Wash, you've built a handsel that is all about celebration and self-care. Ready for their next chapter. 

View our curated packs for inspiration, or to shop our pre-made bundles.


Breakup therapy

Gift for a friend who needs a pick-me-up and a reminder of how special they are. This includes everything they need to get through a break up, whether it is for a movie night or to celebrate a new single friend, here is our guide to gifting for someone going through a tough time. 

Including mantras, inspiring quotes and embodiment prompts, Big Pussy Energy is a must have deck of cards for women and femme exploring humans who are seeking empowerment, guidance for self-care and a whole lot of love and fun. This, while indulging in our Hunted and Gathered 70% Dark Chocolate and a bit of luxury with Leif's Body Scrub, this build your own gift is perfect for a self-care night in. 

Keep it simple with one of these packs instead. 


Get well soon

Build your own handsel to say get well soon, with a remedy filled gift. A combination of Rise and Shine affirmation and yoga cards, paired with Pillar Candle, Mayde Serenity Tea and Hunted and Gathered 70% Dark Chocolate, these are our selected favourites for a working from home day or a long isolation period. 

Running out of time? Think outside the box with one of these great options here