What's a Handsel?

What's a Handsel?

So, you’ve found us. You’re here, and we’re so glad you are, but we know you’re probably wondering who we are and asking yourself “what is a Handsel?”

A token of good luck or good wishes, the word handsel comes from an Old Norse word which means quite simply: to give into one’s hand. And really, that’s what makes gifts so special.

It’s more than just the product, it’s the people and we exist to bring this humanity to online gifting. Our gifts are curated with care and consideration. They’re hand picked, hand packed and hand delivered.

Handsel is the kind of friend that notices when something changes. Fresh haircut? Looking good. New job? Congratulations! Quieter then usual? Here if you need. 

Some might think it odd, how much we think about people. We think about what they might like, what events they celebrate, how we can help them and who they might love. And we put all of those thoughts into every Handsel experience. They’re in the gifts we curate and the moments we cater for. They’re in the way we package and deliver, and how we solve problems. We do this because it feels nice to know someone’s thinking of you. It fills you with the warm and fuzzies and makes you feel heard. 

So when you can’t be there to welcome them home or wish them well, to cheers to their success, or wrap them up in a hug, Handsel can be.


Explore our range of curated gift bundles, easily personalised with your choice of bestselling book or add ons, or build your own.  

Got some thoughts for us? Email us at hello@handsel.au - we'd love to hear from you.