Partner Spotlight: Mount Zero Olives

We are proud to partner with some of the best brands in Australia, so that you can be assured that if it is on Handsel, it is going to make for a winning gift.

A customer favourite has been Mount Zero’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so we've asked the company's General Manager, Richard Seymour, a couple of questions to learn more about who they are and to provide some inspiration for when you're looking for your next gift for a foodie friend. 


We know that your company has such a rich history, you must have experienced so many changes to environment and to the business, how has Mount Zero evolved over the years?

I may be getting old, but not old enough to have been involved since the 40’s…, but since 1993 when my family bought an abandoned olive grove at Mount Zero, I have seen some significant changes…  I remember our first attempts at marketing and consumer engagement were at the Royal Melbourne Show in the 1990’s.  Farmers markets didn’t exist and nor was there much of an appreciation for quality olive oil – Anglo Australians would turn their nose up at dipping bread in oil and Southern Europeans loved it, but “bought from the old country”.  How things have changed…, we now have kids giving us the low down on the fruitiness of our oils and broad support from across the community.

What is your top recipe using your Olive Oil?

I have literally just got back from a “research trip” to Southern Spain and I am obsessed with Salmorejo – Andalusian (cold) tomato, olive oil and bread soup. I always describe extra virgin olive oil as fruit juice so to me salmorejo is the ultimate mixed juice for a summer’s day.


We have always focused on being a regional brand – celebrating the produce of our region and the produce from farmers that share our values of quality & sustainability.  Similarly, our customer are some best restaurants and retailers in the country and they constantly drive us for the best possible produce.

What is Mount Zero’s number one tip to making a great gift?

It is a cliché, but it is the gift the keeps on giving.  Anything that is enjoyed, reflected on and revisited multiple times. 


We couldn't agree more, which is why we feature Mount Zero in our Larder Love and other foodie bundles. 

You can check out the Mount Zero Olive Oil in our gifts made for those who love to cook or simply love to eat. Or, add this to your bundle builder here, to create the perfect handsel for your foodie friend.