Let us help you find the perfect gift

Let us help you find the perfect gift

Some might think it odd, how much we think about people. We think about what they might like, what events they celebrate, how we can help and who they might love. We put all these thoughts into the Handsel experience. 

So, when you're shopping for their next gift, whether it is to celebrate a birthday, to say thank you, to warm their house, or to welcome a new arrival, we are there to help you find meaningful gifts, easy. 


Here are our top picks of curated gifts, made for any occasion:


Welcome a baby with Champagne Baby Showers

With some of our favourite new baby essentials and a fantastic bottle of bubbles, this baby gift set is the perfect way to celebrate a new arrival and treat Mum to that long-awaited, hard-earned champers. Choose your own hero, out of: Claris, the Chicest Mouse in Paris, Love Makes a Family, Bees Are Our Friends and Nature All Around Us - these are the special moments between a new parent and their bub, that we adore. 


Warm a house with Happy Place

Take them to their happy place with some of our favourite sweets and treats for the home. Perfect for a house that needs warming, or to transform a week of isolation into one of indulgence. Our favourite gifts for someone who needs some home inspiration, while the chocolate is saved for a long day of redecorating. 

We do this because it feels nice to know someone's thinking of you. It fills you with the warm and fuzzies and makes you feel heard. It lets you know that even in this wild, unpredictable world, you're not alone. 

Say thank you with foodie pack: Baker's Bunch

When just the words don't cut it, gift them with something that will make their day, like they did yours. 

Wish them a Merry Christmas with the Book Worm

A handsel after our own heart! With your choice of a new-release novel or memoir, this makes a great gift for the friend who's favourite scent is the page of a freshly printed novel. Show that you care by ticking off their new years resolution of reading more!


Discover the perfect gift, no matter the occasion, or build your own!