Ultimate Road Trips Australia: Grampians, Vic

Ultimate Road Trips Australia: Grampians, Vic

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Grampians (Gariwerd), Vic. 

Explore the wilder side of life on this trip through the Grampians (Gariwerd). The combination of wilderness and fine dining makes the rugged Grampian Range a great spot for a short break. 


It’s a full-day drive, one way, plus a day at each end if you are travelling from Melbourne. To cut the drive short, head back to Melbourne from Dunkeld, skipping Hamilton. 


Summers are dry and warm; most rain falls during winter, when temperatures can get very chilly. In spring vast areas are blanketed with wildflowers. 


Dogs are not allowed in Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park, even  

if you are only dropping in for half an hour or so to visit a lookout or unpack a picnic. 

Drive rating: Easy. Sealed roads  

Distances: Total distance, return to Melbourne (with detours): approximately 700km 

  • Melbourne to Halls Gap: 266km
  • Halls Gap to Hamilton: 101km
  • Hamilton to Melbourne: 286km


January: 13–29°C 

July: 4–12°C 

More information 

Halls Gap and Grampians Visitor Information Centre, 117 Grampians Rd, Halls Gap; 1800 065 599; visitgrampians.com.au 


This road trip through the Grampian Range is all about the wilder side of life. Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park, in western Victoria between Dunkeld and Halls Gap, is made up of four spectacular tilted sandstone ridges, rising gently on the western side and falling abruptly in a series of ragged overhangs and rocky bluffs on the eastern side. The photogenic ridges are crisscrossed with walking trails, dotted with lookouts and threaded by clear streams cascading down some of Victoria’s largest waterfalls, and provide excellent places for rock climbing, abseiling and other adventure activities. The landscape might be rugged, but the dining’s certainly not, and the fields and townships huddled in the shadow of the mountains produce some fantastic food and wine. 


Image: The drive to Mount Abrupt, the highest peak in the Southern Grampians 
This is an edited extract from Ultimate Road Trips: Australia by Lee Atkinson. Published by Hardie Grant Explore in March 2020. Available from bookstores nationally. Photography by Lee Atkinson.