Behind the scenes with Vacation Vibes

Behind the scenes with Vacation Vibes

The Handsel team recently sat down with the trio of women who co-found Vacation Vibes - a beauty and wellness business who recently made their move into the sexual pleasure industry, launching their range of vibrators! 
We're here to give you the inside scoop on what it's like to own a small business, their inspiration for Vacation Vibes and how they approach self care. With International Self Care Day fast approaching, what better time to explore our range of self care bundles or build your own bundle. Start with your choice of book and add a Vacation Vibes Vibrator! 
1. What inspired you to start a business for women’s health?

It was 2020. Covid had just begun and between us we had 7 children, so why wouldn’t you launch a new business?

But in all honesty our combined experience in business, beauty and retail - gave us some insight into a growing category. Sexual wellness. We knew that we were at a tipping point!

2. As founders, how do you personally take care of yourselves amid a busy schedule?

We are all twin mums and often have our hands full juggling work and family life. We know the importance of self-care, especially when you have kids and a business to look after.

We always try and make time for ourselves once a day – whether it’s a 10 minute walk to our local café or a small meditation.

3. International Self-Care Day is a reminder to slow down and prioritise wellbeing, are there any daily habits that you try to incorporate into your routine that you could share?

We try and incorporate some form of movement into our everyday routine. Something as easy as walking the kids to school, listening to our favourite podcast or playlist in the car and checking in on each other.

4. We love having your Amalfi Vibrator featured in our Down Time pack, why do you think sending fun self-care packages has become so popular?

We love being featured on Handsel! It’s great to have a unique gifting service such as Handsel, promote women’s sexual wellness! Each time a retailer integrates VACATION VIBES into their general beauty and wellness offering, the easier it becomes for other retailers. There’s been a big uplift in gifting women’s pleasure. Research shows, over 30% of Australian women have received their first pleasure product as a gift!

Supporting friends through various stages in life is so important and is what makes friendship/family so beautiful, whether it’s a listening ear, catch up or cute self-care gift to show you care. 

5. Do you have any tips for beginners practising some self-care of their own?

The Amalfi is designed for beginners –a great place to start. The Amalfi is for external use – designed for the clitoris.

It’s designed with 5 speeds, so you can gradually work up to the more intense settings.

It is also a power packed bullet vibrator, discreet, pretty and quiet and from our experience a sure thing!

6. What’s in store for Vacation Vibes, anything exciting coming up that we should know about?

There are always lots of exciting things happening at Vacation Vibes HQ.

We love promoting and pioneering sexual wellness and implementing products in the category to their rightful place as an integral part of holistic wellness.

We are looking at launching internationally next month, and have exciting products in the pipeline, watch this space 😊

You can find the Vacation Vibes' vibrator - 'The Amalfi' in our Down Time bundle. With your choice of a regular or large sized bundle, you'll receive all the essentials to help you feel relaxed and regenerated!