Create the perfect care package using their zodiac sign pt. 1

Create the perfect care package using their zodiac sign pt. 1

The first of our two part series is our guide to creating the perfect package for someone in need using their zodiac sign! 

For the indecisive gift giver, or the person who thinks they have everything, we recommend using this guide to ensure you get them the perfect care package every time.


Sagittarius' are known for constantly being on the go and love a comfortable, practical gift. Whilst they might not appreciate a 600 page novel, they might appreciate a Leif Buddha Wood Hand Balm or Hand Wash. Add both, along with your choice of book by Building Your Own Bundle


If you have a fellow Cap in your life, you'd know how sentimental they are! Lovers of hand-made items with historical value, we think they would love a book of your choice with a hand-written Book Inscription inside! Available to add to any book or bundle, it's adds the perfect sentimental touch that will last them a lifetime. 


Our loving Aquarius' are know for caring deeply for the planet and will strive to shop ethically and sustainably. While you could take your pick at our entire product range and hit the mark, we recommend a Carlotta and Gee Linen Apron, Robe or Tea Towel. Both are sustainably made with pure French linen and natural fibres and are sure to impress.  


Known for their competitive nature and adventurous side, Aries are passionate about their career and think of their job as a second home. To satisfy their inner workaholic, we recommend gifting them something for their home office. A stylish coffee table book, a beautifully fragrant hand wash or pack of incense perhaps? Our Happy Place bundle has it all! 


Our beautiful Libra's love beautiful things, and for them we would recommend nothing but the best! To impress their socks off, add to your cart a copy of Style: The Art of Creating a Beautiful Home by Natalie Walton. It's a 2 in 1, teaching you how to beautify your home all while contributing to the beauty of your home. We can picture this book on your coffee table, in your home office or dining room. 


Lovers of mystery and passion our fellow Scorpios are, and mystery we've got in the form of Canticle Creek by Adrian Hyland. Surprise them with their very own copy of the twisty, rural crime fiction. Find it in our Book Worm bundle or build your own!