Create the perfect care package using their zodiac sign pt. 2

Create the perfect care package using their zodiac sign pt. 2

The final part of our two part series is here! 

For the indecisive gift giver, or the person who thinks they have everything, we recommend using this guide to ensure you get them the perfect care package every time.


Our fellow Virgos minds are always ticking over, as you might already know! To keep them interested, you can't go past a copy of Natalie Paull's Beatrix Bakes. It's sure to offer them a challenge in the form of pastry, chocolate and cake, the best kind in our eyes. 


If you've ever known a Taurus you'll know they appreciate beauty and love. A perfect celebration of the warm and fluffy feeling is Diana Reid's Love & Virtue. Winner of the ABIA Book of the Year Award, this novel is one they will finish in a matter of hours. 


This creative and emotional water sign loves anything beautiful and luxurious. While for many, a book wouldn't spring to mind, Diana Reid's Seeing Other People isn't just a book. Pair it with a Buddha Wood Hand Cream from Leif, a Hunted + Gathered Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate and a Mayde Serenity Tea, for the ultimate luxury. Find them all in our Book Worm bundle


Geminis are our fellow intellect, lovers of communication and travel they are! To support their inner travel bug we suggest you get them their very own copy of Explore Australia 2024 by Hardie Grant Explore. Filled with the best travel attractions and holiday regions of 2024, this book is sure to get them inspired for their next trip, if they don't already have one planned.  


Known for being the centre of the universe, Leos love anything that's guaranteed to make a statement. To make them feel extra special we recommend building your own bundle, and adding a copy of Julia Green's Vivid: Style in colour. Encouraging statement colours in our interiors, this book is filled with styling tips Julia has gathered over several decades. We are sure this one will inspire their confidence and bold nature. 


For cancers, home is where the heart is and we have ample homey products to satisfy their inner homebody! We recommend our Larder Love bundle, filled with all the kitchen essentials to enhance the cosiest of homes.  You'll have your choice of cook book, paired with a bottle of Mount Zero Olive Oil, Olsson's Sea Salt flakes and a Carlotta and Gee Linen Tea Towel. Once gifted, you might never see them leave the kitchen ever again.