Our guide to mindful gifting

Our guide to mindful gifting

We all know a friend, whose schedule is too full to focus on their wellbeing. We have curated a range of gifts with the focus on empowerment, self-care and and wellness, so you can remind them to take a breathe every once in a while. 

Hand-picked, hand-packed and hand-delivered with love from our Melbourne warehouse. Find a gift perfect for birthdays, farewells or just an ordinary Tuesday, shop with 10% off your first purchase with us. 

Discover our collection of curated wellbeing gifts. 

The grief companion:

When you can't be there to wrap them in a hug, this handsel is the perfect companion to show your support and care for those navigating a difficult time in their life. 

Tech-Life Balance:

Help them hit refresh on their online habits and recharge their batteries with this handsel to nourish the mind and senses. This gift is perfect for those who spend a lot of time online which, let's face it, is all of us! 

Down time:

All the vibes of a good vacation, without the travel time. When a little down-time is on the cards, this gift is perfect for birthdays, break-ups, and those who could use some self love.

The Book Worm:

A handsel after our own heart! With your choice of a new-release novel or memoir, this makes a great gift for the friend who's favourite scent is the page of a freshly printed novel.

Brain Food:

Did you know: eating dark chocolate boosts overall brain health and happiness? Featuring a block of the good stuff, ritual cards, and some uber-calming incense, this little handsel packs a serotonin-filled punch.

Find the full collection of self-care gifts, here

Sending to Melbourne? We offer same day shipping before 10am, so that you're ready for those surprise engagements or events that can slip our minds.  
A perk of gifting with Handsel, is if you would like to curate your own perfect gift for them, you can build your own bundle! Wrap it up with all of the self-care essentials that you know they'll love.